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Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

The four contemporary artists represented in the permanent collection of the museum Fluxus+ work only partially in the tradition of the Flux movement:
Costantino Ciervo, Lutz Friedel, Hella De Santarossa and Sebastian Heiner.

Some had contact with Wolf Vostell, for example, during his summer academy in Malpartida de Caceres, Spain, or they worked in similar genre such as performances, happenings, video and multimedia art and at the broad themes of painting and sculpture.
Each of them has an extraordinary independent work, of which only a small part can be seen on the second floor of the museum FLUXUS+.
They have in common that they know the collector, and that their works belong to the same collection- a legitimate reason to pool the four in the museum Fluxus +.

Costantino Ciervo uses various media and means of expression to examine the complex mechanisms of capitalism, and their role as a root cause of alienation and reification. His installation “Profit”, on display here in the museum, deals with new manifestations of imperialist hegemony and control mechanisms.
Hella De Santarossa A one-time “Junge Wilde” pioneer, the artist describes herself as a “Cross Artist”. She brings together new and old media, crossing painting with glass, performance and film. Light, air and time are central elements of her multi-faceted oeuvre. The works demonstrate the expressive painting of her “hit” and “teenie paintings” period, and her “outdoor” works, in which she records the colours of nature.
Lutz Friedel is a sculptor and painter. His works are characterised by metaphysical expressivity. Some of his works stand imposingly next to each other in this museum. Two of his wooden heads, weighing as much as several hundredweights, from the “Walhall der Nichtse”, with facial features radiating a strong personality, command the space they occupy and fascinate the viewers.
Sebastian Heiner Large-format canvases mirror big-city glamour and adventure. He depicts a shift of focus toward Asiatic culture, and a process of engagement with it in his works. The results of autonomous painting as practiced by Heiner are abstract colour constructs, plastic images applied to the canvas using highly unconventional tools  e. g. brushwood brooms or the artist's own body.

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