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The permanent exhibition displays works from private collections, encompassing correspondence, photographs, books, catalogues, magazines, films, videos, objects, performance relics, artists’ multiples, installations and tableaux.

The works on display focus on three key subjects:


Fluxus is an international art movement that formed in the 1960s in New York and Tokyo, as well as in the German cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden. The word "fluxus" is Latin and means „flowing“. In this sense, the art movement stands for a gradual „flowing“ transition from art to life.

Wolf Vostell

The painter, sculptor and happening artist Wolf Vostell was deeply involved with the Fluxus movement. In the museum, however, also other phases of his large and versatile work are on display.

He coined the maxim ART = LIFE = ART

Contemporary Art

The museum's collection is topped off by the works of the four contemporary artists Costantino Ciervo, Lutz Friedel, Hella De Santarossa and Sebastian Heiner. Each of the artists shows an extraordinary independent artistry of which selected aspects can be seen on the first level of the museum.

Art in Public Space

Artworks by Fluxus and contemporary artists can also be found on the facades of the museum facing the yard "Schirrhof" on one side and the banks of the river Havel on the other.

"Little Men" by Emmett Williams - Left and right of the museum's conservatory the silhouettes of four colorful figures can be found on the facade.

"Ten Commandments" by Costantino Ciervo - This installtion can be found on the wall left of the museum's entrance facing the yard "Schirrhof".

"fluxus-garden" by Mary Bauermeister - The art project "fluxus-garden" is situated on the yard "Schirrhof".

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