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Ten Commandments von Costantino Ciervo

Costantino Ciervo "The Ten Commandments", 2008

Installation, (Volume of production: 5 duplicates)
10 neon signs, tin figure of a runner, acrylic glass,
measurements variable, complete installation as a "word cloud" approx. 360 x 700 cm, words in a row approx. 300 x 200 cm
The "Ten Commandment" shows the 'new' Ten Commandments (work, market, authority, respect, reward, sacrifice, order, merit, competition, education) in red neon handwriting.

The commandments are based on the concept of globalisation characterised by a profit-oriented economy. These commandments have taken the place of the Ten Commandments based in Judaism and Christianity. 
The installation demonstrates the upheaval and disruptions. A new value system takes the place of an older one due to the fundamentally changed demands and requirements of the current economic system.
Source: Translation of a text in the exhibtion catalogue auto.MOBIL, eds. Tely Büchner and Susanne Knorr, Kunstverein Erfurt 2011

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