Sebastian Heiner

* 1 January 1964 in Berlin
lives and works in Berlin

Sebastian Heiner is represented with 11 works in the section "Contemporary Artists":

"Sounds in the Morning", oil and spray paint on canvas (2013)
"Bambushain", oil on canvas (2006)
"Night Lights", oil on canvas (2005)
"Puck", oil on canvas (2007)
"Himmelsleuchten", oil on canvas (2009)
"On the Rug II", mixed technique on carpet (2014)
"On the Rug V", mixed technique on carpet (2014)

"Mexican Dancer", oil on canvas (2016)
"Garden of Fabler", oil on canvas (2017)
3 etchings "ohne Titel" on laid paper (2005)


Between 2004 and 2008 Heiner lived and worked in Beijing. Heiner’s fascination with the colossal megacity is mirrored in his works. They reflect impressions he gathered in Beijing and his interest in Asia in general. Large-sized canvases convey a cosmopolitan flair and a sense of adventure.
In his early days Heiner focused on flat figurative depictions resembling distorted sculptures, before beginning to play with proportions until he painted over nearly all of the depicted figurines or smudged them, thereby making them indiscernable from the background. His current work is dominated by abstraction.
Sebastian Heiner is a painter with heart and soul. Not only the classic paint brush serves as his tool, he also uses his bare hands, lower arm, palette knives, brooms or a fly swat. He squeezes the paint out of its tubes with his feet and presses or throws it onto the canvas with his hands. More and more paint accumulates on the canvas. Through a centimetre thick application of paint in several layers, the scraping off of paint, and re-exposing of layers underneath, three-dimensional relief-like structures with depth emerge.


06. June 2009 - 30. August 2009 in the atrium of the museum FLUXUS+
The atrium of the museum FLUXUS+ was Heiner's studio and a musical stage for the EKLES-DUO every Saturday in June 2009.

Exhibition: "NINE 4 FIVE - Neue Werke in der Sammlung"
16. February - 28. April 2013 in the atrium of the museum FLUXUS+




Born in Berlin


Internship at Schaubühne at Lehniner Platz, Berlin

1984 - 1991

Studies at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin


Summer academy with Wolf Vostell, Malpartida de Caceres, Spain


Master class student of Klaus Fußmann at Hochschule der Künste

since 2004

Works and lives in Berlin and Beijing


Scholarship holder at Künstlerhaus Schloß Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg


Lives and works in Shanghai, studio at North Bund Art Zone


Lives and works in Berlin and Bangkok


Lives and works in Berlin and Israel

Individual exhibition (selection)
1989 Sebastian Heiner, exibit Galerie, Berlin
1990 Sebastian Heiner, exibit Galerie, Berlin
1990 Sebastian Heiner, Quadrum Gallery, Lissabon
1993 Sebastian Heiner, Am Neuen Palais Galerie, Potsdam
1994 Bilder und Welten, mit Klanginstallation: „Komposition für 6 Instrumente und Kassettenrekorder, von Orm Finnendahl, Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin, Katalog

Bilder und Skulpturen, Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin * Art Cologne, Fine Art Vostell * 

Berlin * "Feuer und Erde", Bildserie für die Firma Hörmann, Steinhagen


Sebastian Heiner, Am Neuen Palais Galerie, Potsdam * ARCO Madrid Art Fair, Fine Art Rafael Vostell  Art Cologne, Fine Art Rafael Vostell 

"Sebastian Heiner im Kontorhaus-Mitte", organisiert von Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin 


Bilder und Skulpturen, Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin 

ARCO Madrid Art Fair, Fine Art Rafael Vostell

1999 Sebastian Heiner, Hardwig Galerie, Bremen

Sebastian Heiner, Die Glocke, Konzerthaus Bremen, Hadwig Galerie, Bremen 

Berlin  "Sebastian Heiner", S.M.A.L.L. Galerie, organisiert von Ingrid und Thomas Jochheim, Recklinghausen


Sebastian Heiner, Vostell Galerie, Berlin, Katalog 

"Traumwelt", Präsentation des Gemäldes für das Hörmannwerk in Ichtershausen, Bildhauer Werkstatt Osloer Straße, Berlin


Sztuka Wejscia, Kultury Zamek Center, Ausstellung der Galerie Dogenhaus und der Vostell Galerie, Künstler aus Poznan, Leipzig und Berlin, organisiert von Jochen Hempel und Sebastian Heiner, Polen

"Sebastian Heiner- Privatausstellung", organisiert von Harald Berlinicke und Mark Kogen, London 

"Sebastian Heiner", Brigitte Utz Galerie, Dresden


"Sebastian Heiner", tammen & busch galerie, Berlin

2004 Record of a Journey to the East, China Art Season Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, Katalog

Heat - Eine Reise nach Peking, Brigitte Utz Galerie, Dresden 

"Das China - Projekt. Bilder.", Beaugrand Kultur Konzepte, Bielefeld 

"Jörn Grothkopp & Sebastian Heiner", Art Fair in Köln, Brigitte Utz Galerie, Köln


Sebastian Heiner, Tammen Galerie, Berlin 


Sebastian Heiner, Gaulin & Partner, Tammen Galerie, Berlin 

"Jörn Grothkopp & Sebastian Heiner", Galerie kunst-raum, Essen 

"Sebastian Heiner. Das China Projekt III. Bilder.", Neustädter Marienkirche Bielefeld, Beaugrand Kultur Konzepte, Bielefeld 

"Hua Jing - The Realm of Painting", Art 110 Gallery, Beijing 


"Yongbo Zhao, Sebastian Heiner", Tammen Galerie und Galerie Gaulin & Partner, Berlin

"Sebastian Heiner", Brigitte Utz Galerie, Dresden


Studio Beijing, Tammen Galerie, Berlin 

"Appuntamento in vier Sätzen, Sebastian Heiner & Ekles - Duo", Performances und Ausstellung, museum FLUXUS +, Potsdam


Kinder-Mal-Performance im Rahmen der DAAD Kinder-Uni auf der EXPO 2010 Shanghai


Studio Shanghai – Sebastian Heiner / Liu Gang, galerie goltz, Essen

Der Hase auf dem Sprung, BBA-Akademie der Immobilienwirft e.V. Berlin, Museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam


Sebastian Heiner / Shanghai-Berlin 2010-2011, Projektraum: Detlef Waschkau, Georg Horning, Tammen & Partner Galerie

ART.FAIR Köln, kunstraum-schulte-goltz+noelte

2013 Live-Performance V64, Art Community, 1st anniversary show, Bangkok
Group exhibition (selection)
1995 Standpunkte - Junge Kunst aus Berlin, Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin, Katalog
1996  "Geschichte der Wewerka Galerie", Interims Kunsthalle
1997 "Erster Köpenicker Maisalon", Springbrunnenprojekt mit Hannes Heiner, Berlin
2000 "Heike Ruschmeyer, Anedore Dietze, Sebastian Heiner", Vostell Galerie
2001 "Wolf Vostell, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Annedore Dietze, Sebastian Heiner", Galerie Vostell, Berlin 
2003 Leuchtende Farben, Brigitte Utz Galerie, Dresden 

"Gedankenreise", Cafe Moskau, Projektausstellung, janinebeangallery, Berlin, Katalog

"Hu Dong - Interactiv", Art 110 Gallery, Beijing


"10 Jahre Willy-Brandt Haus", Berlin


Sebastian Heiner, Eröffnung des museum Fluxus+, Permanente Sammlung, Potsdam 


"Ein Erster Blick", Kunstsammlung der R.C.K. Kunststiftung Reinhard Conny Konzack, Berlin

Malerei, Zeichnung, Skulptur, Keramik, Klanginstallation, Fotografie, Tammen Galerie, Galerie Gaulin & Partner, Berlin


Highlights zur Kulturhauptstadt, kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelte, Essen

A Dialogue between East and West, For Art Gallery, Shanghai

Chameleon to the North – Five Painters from Berlin, Haugesund Kunstforening, Haugesund/Norwegen

INDEX 10 – listen to your eyes, kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelte, Essen


sculpture works, kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelte, Essen

Sebastian Heiner / Jörn Grothkopp, Parallele Welten, KUNSTCLUB HAMBURG


Summer Journey- Künstler der Galerie, kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelte, Essen

Grants and awards
1992 Saar Ferngas Kunstpreis für junge Kunst, Saarland Museum, Gruppenausstellung, Saarbrücken, Katalog
Lectures and teaching
2007 "Sebastian Heiner and his Paintings", Vortrag, Qingdao University, Qingdao

Exhibitions in museum FLUXUS+